Saint Teresa of Calcutta Wooden Rosary 484-74MT

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Saint Teresa of Calcutta Wooden Rosary 484-74MT, a beautiful Olive Wood Rosary with a prayer of intercession to Mother Teresa QUANTITY PRICING

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Saint Teresa of Calcutta Wooden Rosary 484-74MT, is an olive wood rosary. The center piece of the rosary is of Mother Teresa, and it reads “St. Teresa of Calcutta Pray for us” on the front and "SAINT OF MERCY 2016" on the back.

The silver crucifix of the rosary is the papal cross which became popular with Saint Pope John Paul II, a close friend of Mother Teresa.

This rosary also comes with a nice intercessory prayer to Saint Teresa:

Saint of Mercy

We ask the little Mother, St. Teresa of Calcutta, whose enormous faith and love for living the Gospel, to help us open the doors of peace and mercy in our homes and our nations, to offer those seeking refuge, hospitality and love.

May she always teach us to be the FACE of Charity, Hope and Mercy as we move forward in this Jubilee Year of Mercy. Amen

The fruit of silence is PRAYER

The fruit of prayer is FAITH

The fruit of faith is LOVE

The fruit of love is SERVICE

The fruit of service is PEACE.

God Bless you!

–Mother Teresa

Born August 26, 1910

Died September 5,1997

Blessed October 19, 2003

Canonized September 4, 2016