Scientia Flash Cards & Playing Card Game

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Scientia Flash Cards and Playing Card Game-9781601041043 is a seven suit playing card game of science and faith

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Scientia Flash Cards and Playing Card Game-9781601041043

Scientia combines the virtues of flash cards with the fun of a table-top card game!  Every card features a different Catholic scientist: 54 in all!  You will see scientists who were Catholic laymen, a nun, parish priests, religious order priests, bishops, cardinals, and even a Pope or two! 

Do you know the name of the Catholic, eldest of 21 children, who became the first woman ever to hold a university chair? 

How about the name of the Pope who died while conducting scientific experiments in the laboratory he had added to the papal apartments? 

Or the renowned scientist Pope who built the world's first mechanical clock driven by weights?

These are just a few of the people, all of them famous in their age, some of them still famous today, who can be found in this card set!

Six major scientific disciplines are featured, each one acting as a different card suit:

  • Astronomy
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Nine scientists are featured in each of these six "suits" (disciplines).  Among each suit's nine scientists, one is universally recognized as a Founder.  He or she is a Catholic scientist in the discipline whose research and work was so profound that this scientist is considered the Founder of an aspect of that discipline.  So, Scientia not only contains information on 54 Catholic scientists, but also on six Catholic Founding Fathers of science!

The face side of the card has the scientist's picture and name, birth and death dates, and country of origin.  The reverse side shows the various scientific disciplines s/he specialized in, along with a short bio and a URL that encourages further research.

You can use these as flash cards to memorize important scientists who were faithful Catholics, or as a card game where your knowledge of the scientists' lives allows you to rack up points and defeat your opponents!

Scientia Flash Cards and Playing Card Game-9781601041043 is a great teaching tool for every school in your diocese!

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