Slumbertime Moon Pillow 462-W201502

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Slumber Time Moon Plush 462-W201502 Listen + Learn™ Lil Prayer Buddies


Slumber Time Moon Plush  462-W201502 is a crescent shaped stuffed pillow from Wee Believers. Battery operated Slumber Time Moon Plush prays, in a child's voice, “Now I Lay me Down To Sleep” and sings “All Through The Night”.

The Wee Believers Toy Company continues to foster interaction between children and their toys by bringing purpose to play and by offering unique products that are child-tested and parent-approved.

Listen + Learn™ Lil Prayer Buddies Slumber Time Moon Plush 462-W201502

The Listen + Learn™ Lil Prayer Buddies are a great, fun way for children to learn new prayers and songs while learning different textures and colors.

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Cotton blend; Vibrant pattern with sensory textures; Spot clean only

LR44 batteries included
Meets CPSC & CRC 931 safety requirements


Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul to keep; May angels watch me through the night and keep me ‘til the morning light. Amen.


Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee, All through the night. Guardian angels God will send thee, All through the night. Soft the drowsy hours are creeping, Hill and dale in slumber sleeping. I my loved ones' watch am keeping, All through the night.


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