Solid Oak Pew Rack with Pencil Holder 8-RU345 Unfinished

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This Unfinished pew rack w/ pencil holder made of SOLID OAK holds envelopes and/or cards, 8-RU345 Unfinished. QUANTITY PRICING

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This Unfinished pew rack with pencil holders made of SOLID OAK 8-RU345 Unfinished holds envelopes, cards and pamphlets. The rack has a slot measuring 3-¾” wide x 3-¾” deep. The entire rack measures 5-¼” wide x 4” high x ¾” deep. Two screws per rack are included. Pencils not included.

Unfinished Pew rack with pencil holders 8-RU345 Unfinished has TWO slots for holding pencils

Solid oak Pew rack with pencil holders 8-RU345 Unfinished has TWO slots for holding pencils

Pew Pencils sold separately: 3-1/2" long, 144 per box, RU14264  $35.00/box