Son Jewel Living Waters SterlingSilver Cross Created From Light

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Christ is the Light! Sterling Silver Crosses Created from Light, "Living Waters" 3/8" W x 5/8" H Turquoise Hope Cross; 18" Sterling Silver Box Chain.


Christ is the “Light of the World”! These are the only crosses in the world that have been created from light; making them truly Unique, Meaningful, and Beautiful!

This beautiful Son Jewel “Living Waters” Sterling Silver Cross created from Light features an open back design in the setting, allowing light to enter so the turquoise jewel can be illuminated, revealing an image of Christ. Our Hope is in the Light of the World, in Christ, our Savior, who offers us Living Waters which is eternal life.  Jn 4:10-14.

How the Power of Light is poured into Crosses:
Son Jewel created a unique device that is able to create cross jewels using sunlight. As the sun’s rays shine through the device, the rays are bent, converging into an amplified radiance of light. Small grains of glass are placed into this area of intense energy. Each grain absorbs the energy causing the temperature to increase rapidly to several thousand degrees. During the exposure, the light liquefies the grains; fusing them into a single piece of glass in the shape of a cross.  This jewel is mounted in a sterling silver cross.

The Son Jewel “Living Waters” Sterling Silver Cross measures 3/8” wide x 5/8” high. The cross jewel itself, with the image of Christ, is mounted in solid sterling silver cross shape and the entire cross is strung with an 18” sterling silver box chain. Each jewel comes with a “Scroll of Authenticity”. These handcrafted mini scrolls feature a golden seal along with detailed explanations of the jewel’s symbolic meaning and how it was created.

These special crosses make a wonderful gift; which is why this Son Jewel “Living Waters” Cross created from light is displayed in an elegant wooden jewelry box; which is then presented in a gift ready white gift box. This turquoise Living Waters sterling silver cross makes a unique gift for anyone involved in parish work or given to a friend or family member, as the crucified Christ is a daily reminder of the Living Water Christ offers to us.

Son Jewel "Living Waters" Sterling Silver Cross Created From Light

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