Specialty Rosary Holy Spirit Rosary and Prayer Card 64-05387/C1

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Specialty Rosary Holy Spirit Rosary/Confirmation Rosary and Prayer Card 64-05387/C1, Holy Spirit Red Rosary/Confirmation Rosary & Prayer Card QUANTITY PRICES

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Specialty Rosary Holy Spirit Red Rosary/Confirmation Red Rosary and Prayer Card 64-05387/C1 is a 17” Red Round Bead Rosary with Holy Spirit Joiner and Crucifix. On the back of the joiner is the Italian verse VIENI SPIRITU SANTO DONA LA PACE and the English translation is Come Holy Spirit and give peace

Specialty Rosary Holy Spirit Red Rosary/Confirmation Red Rosary comes with a Holy Spirit Prayer Card with scripture quote on the front and blank back side:

“It is not the will of your Heavenly Father that one of these little ones should be lost” Matthew 18:14

Holy Spirit Specialty Rosary is perfect for Confirmation and RCIA Gifts.

Specialty Rosary Holy Spirit Red Rosary/Confirmation Red Rosary and Prayer Card 64-05287