St. Dymphna Sterling Silver Medal, 18" S Chain, S-9726-18S

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St. Dymphna Sterling Silver Medal, 3/4" diameter with an 18" Stainless Steel Chain in a Velour Gift Box.


This St. Dymphna Sterling Silver Medal, 3/4" diameter with an 18” Stainless Steel Chain, is crafted in the United States and is made with the finest materials available. Many steps are involved in the manufacturing and finishing process of the medal. The stainless steel chain is plated with genuine rhodium and has a clasp.

The St. Dymphna Sterling Silver Medal with an 18” Stainless Steel Chain is tastefully packaged in a velour gift box.

St. Dymphna, born in seventh century Ireland, is best known through legend, which proclaims her the daughter of a Celtic chieftain. She supposedly fled her home after her mother died to escape the unwholesome interests of her father. Dymphna, her confessor, St. Gerebernus, and two companions founded an oratory near Amsterdam and became hermits. But her father hunted them down and murdered her three friends. When St. Dymphna refused to return with him, he beheaded her. An asylum for the mentally ill was built on the site where the relics of the four martyrs were found.

The St. Dymphna Sterling Silver Medal honors her as the Patron Saint of mental illness, epilepsy, and rape victims. Her Feast Day is May 15.