St. Jude 6" Plastic Statue Luminous (2093AL)

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St. Jude Plastic Statue 6 Inches is a Luminous plastic religious statue of St. Jude that glows in the dark -2093AL QUANTITY PRICING

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St. Jude Plastic Statue 6 Inch. This Luminous Statue glows in the dark-2093AL.

Saint Jude is the patron saint of the Chicago Police Department. His other patronages include desperate situations and hospitals.

This Luminous statue of the St. Jude, the Saint of the Impossible, will Glow in the Dark for period of time.  Hold it to the light for a minute.  Once you turn out the light, this St. Jude Plastic Religious statue will Glow in the Dark

6" St. Jude Plastic Statue