St. Lawrence Sterling Silver Medal, 20" S Chain, S-9605-20S

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St. Lawrence Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medal, 3/4" diameter with a 20" Stainless Steel Chain in a Velour Gift Box.


This St. Lawrence Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medal, 3/4" diameter with a 20” Stainless Steel Chain, is crafted in the United States and is made with the finest materials available. Many steps are involved in the manufacturing and finishing process of the medal. The stainless steel chain is plated with genuine rhodium and has a clasp.

The St. Lawrence Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medal with a 20” Stainless Steel Chain is tastefully packaged in a velour gift box.

St. Lawrence, born in Spain, was a deacon of Rome and an aide to Pope St. Sixtus II. Lawrence was overcome with grief when the pope was put to death, and when the Roman authorities ordered him to surrender the treasures of the church, he said that the poor are the church’s treasures. For this, it is reported that Lawrence was slowly roasted to death on a gridiron.

Later, a chapel was built over his tomb at St. Cyriaca on the via Tibertina. St. Lawrence is mentioned in the First Eucharistic Prayer.

The St. Lawrence Sterling Silver Medal honors him as the Patron Saint of chefs and comedians. His Feast Day is February 3.