Patrons and Protectors St. Stephen Statue Prayer & Story #40667

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Patrons and Protectors St. Stephen Statue #40667 is a 3.5” figure from Roman Inc., boxed with Prayer Card and Story included. Patrons and Protectors

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This St. Stephen Figurine #40667 from the Patrons and Protectors Collection, is a resin/stone mix figure painted in traditional colors and measures 3.5” High x 1" W x 1.25" D and comes in a gift box. This St. Stephen figurine also includes gift box with the story and a prayer included.

St. Stephen, who lived during the first century, was probably a Jew from a land distant from Palestine whose native language was Greek. Nothing is known of his early life or conversion. In the Book of Acts, the Apostles chose him as one of the seven deacons to work with the poor. Stephen was a powerful preacher to the Hellenists but was resented by members of the large Jewish community in Jerusalem. He tried to defend himself to the Sanhedrin but to no avail. He was stoned to death thus becoming the first Christian martyr.

St. Stephen is the Patron Saint of deacons, stone masons, casket-makers, and horses.  His Feast Day is December 26.

St. Stephen Statue, Prayer & Story #40667 Patrons and Protectors Collection