St. Timothy Sterling Silver Medal, 20" S Chain, S-9656-20S

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St. Timothy Sterling Silver Medal, 3/4" diameter with a 20" Stainless Steel Chain in a Velour Gift Box.


This St. Timothy Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medal, 3/4" diameter with a 20” Stainless Steel Chain, is crafted in the United States and is made with the finest materials available. Many steps are involved in the manufacturing and finishing process of the medal. The stainless steel chain is plated with genuine rhodium and has a clasp.

The St. Timothy Sterling Silver Medal with a 20” Stainless Steel Chain is tastefully packaged in a velour gift box.

St. Timothy lived during the first century and was the son of a Jewish woman named Eunice and a Greek Gentile. Converted to the faith by St. Paul, Timothy accompanied him on several missions to the Corinthians and the Thessalonians. It is believed that St. Timothy was the first bishop of Ephesus. He is mentioned in several epistles of the New Testament. He was martyred on January 22, 97 by angry pagans because he opposed the celebration of the feast of Diana.

The St. Timothy Sterling Silver Medal honors him as the Patron Saint of stomach disorders. His Feast Day is January 26.