Stations of the Cross Rustic Shrine Set w/ 6" x 9" Plates

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Hand-made 14-piece Stations of the Cross Set in rustic stain on cedar wood for indoor/outdoor use. 15” high x 10 ½” across with 6" x 9" images. FREE SHIPPING



This is a beautiful and rustic 14-piece set of the Stations of the Cross Shrine for outdoor or indoor use. Each station in the shrine is made of 100% natural cedar wood and finished with rustic exterior grade stain for UV ray protection. This shrine makes an inspiring display for gardens, prayer paths, Church yards, or home chapels. You can also place an angel, shown below, at each of the Stations to bring more prayerful attention to each Station on your prayer path.

Each wooden station has a hook on the back for hanging or it can be mounted on a stake with screws for the outdoors. Putting up the Stations of the Cross is an ideal project for youth groups or Boy Scouts.

These beautiful reproductions of the Stations of the Cross are printed, cut, and assembled by hand in Steubenville, Ohio. A set of 14 stations brings a visual dimension to meditating upon the passion of Christ and is an ideal devotional item for the Lenten season. Many customers use these outdoor image plates to build their own prayer walk, minister in mission fields overseas, or create a stations of the cross Eagle Scout project. We use these same plates as the centerpiece of our popular outdoor cedar station shrines.

Available in three sizes, each image plate is assembled by hand in Steubenville, Ohio.  The plates are comprised of a semi-gloss vinyl print mounted on ACM, a material commonly used in the small business world for outdoor signage because of its durability and low cost.  ACM plates are UV-resistant, guaranteed for 3-5 years of perfect image fidelity with minimal fading. 

These Stations of the Cross Outdoor plates are ideal for outdoor chapels and gardens, or inside a home or church.  You can use the outdoor Angel shown below in your outdoor walking Stations of the Cross.  When completed, you can have an Angel standing by each Station of the Cross to bring more attention and prayerful devotion to the Station.

Names for the Stations of the Cross: Way of the Cross; Latin: Via Crucis; Via Dolorosa – Way of Sorrows; or The Way

The Stations of the Cross are so called because we move from one area, Station, to another in the church or along an outdoor path, where the Stations of the Cross are depicted, praying devotions in memory of each Station of His suffering and death. The Stations of the Cross are depictions of The Way of the Cross of Christ from His being brought before Pilate and His condemnation to death through His Crucifixion and Burial in the Sepulcher. These depictions are in picture form, bas relief and sculptures. The tradition of praying the Stations of the Cross in the chapel (or church) began with St. Francis of Assisi and spread in the Roman Catholic Church in the medieval period. Most Roman Catholic churches now have The Stations of the Cross depicted in some way in their church for devotions, usually along the side walls and in a dedicated pathway on the grounds of the church. We can also find The Stations of the Cross in many Lutheran and Anglican churches. The Way of the Cross devotions are prayed year round but especially during Lent and particularly on the Fridays of Lent and Good Friday.

Set of Stations of the Cross in Cedar Rustic Shrines  15” high x 10 ½” across with 6" x 9" images.

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