Residential 20' White Baked Enamel Telescoping Flagpole w/Flag

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This white baked enamel telescoping flagpole extends up to 20 feet, includes 3' x 5' flag.


This white baked enamel finish flagpole extends up to 20 feet in seconds with push-button ease. As you extend each section, the flagpole ‘clicks’ solidly into place and stays there. To release each section, you press a button and the section slides back down into the section below.

The telescoping action makes it easy to change or remove flags. You simply lower the pole down to 7 feet, attach up to two flags on the stainless steel flag clips and raise the pole.

This flagpole is easily installed in the ground with the 20” locking ground sleeve (provided), or on a dock or deck with the optional Dock/Deck Mount. You can also use an optional Wheel Stand to fly your flag at tailgate parties, campsites or other venues.

This telescoping flagpole comes with a gold ball top and 3’ x 5’ nylon American flag with embroidered stars. The flagpole has a 5-year limited warranty.

Our flagpoles provide a combination of strength, appearance, durability, and value that equal or surpass the standards of the industry. All flagpoles are made in America.

We can drop ship this flagpole to your home or business. Please call us at 1-800-779-8887 for shipping fees to complete your order.