Bronze Cathedral Style Tabernacle with Wheat & Grapes Motif (97TAB25)

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This Bronze Tabernacle with Wheat & Grapes motif has Cathedral design; 17 1/4" H x 22 1/4" W x 14 1/2" D; FREE SHIPPING


This Tabernacle with Cathedral design features a Wheat & Grapes motif 97TAB25. The Tabernacle is made of bronze and has Bas Relief sculpted decoration of statuary bronze finish with hand-applied enamel colors. The overall dimensions of this tabernacle are 17 ¼” high, 22 ¼” wide and 14 ½” deep.

Tabernacle 97TAB25 interiors include white silk and aromatic cedar lining. Features double independent action doors with vault lock.

Tabernacle 97TAB25 with Cathedral design and Wheat & Grapes motif; FREE SHIPPING.