Tenebrae at Ephesus - Benedictines of Mary - CD

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Tenebrae at Ephesus - Benedictines of Mary - CD - 798576135195

The 27 Responsories of the Sacred Liturgy of Tenebrae recorded by the Benedictines of Mary. Tenebrae, meaning darkness, is the first word chanted in the Divine Office for the Triduum of Holy Week. These treasured sacred texts and haunting melodies of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday are now recorded in full for the first time. Chanted by candlelight in the early hours before daybreak, these precious chants have sanctified the most holy days of the year.

Twenty-seven hymns, 95 minutes of beautiful sacred music.

  • In Monte
  • Tristis Est
  • Ecce Vidimus
  • Amicus Meus
  • Judas Mercator
  • Unus Ex
  • Eram Quasi
  • Una Hora
  • Seniores
  • Omnes Amici
  • Velum Templi
  • Vinea Mea
  • Tamquam Ad Latronem
  • Tenebrae
  • Animam Meam
  • Tradiderunt Me
  • Jesum Tradidit
  • Caligaverunt
  • Sicut Ovis
  • Jerusalem Surge
  • Plange Quasi Virgo
  • Recessit Pastor
  • O Vos Omnes
  • Ecce Quomodo
  • Astiterunt Reges
  • Aestimatus Sum
  • Sepulto Domino