The Book of Comforts: Genuine Encouragement for Hard Times

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Genuine Encouragement for Hard Times


When someone is grieving, what should you say? How can you help? How do you comfort without offering shallow platitudes? The Book of Comforts stands in the gap between suffering and hope, offering readers the abiding comfort found in Scripture and personal experience.

The Book of Comforts is unlike other books on grief—with beautiful four-color interiors, an inviting format with brief devotions, and a ribbon marker.

Readers will gain:

  • Long-term comfort from scripturally focused entries
  • A deeper understanding of their grief, loss, and pain, and discover the richness of God's love
  • A meaningful way to walk through hurt, heartache, challenges, and difficulty through the truth of God's Word

Scripture deals plainly and honestly with suffering and simultaneously points people to the rich hope we find in God. The Book of Comforts is a beautiful and comforting gift for those in hard places—because even though we don't always know what to say, the gift of divine consolation is always helpful.

Commendation Quotes:
'The Book of Comforts gives us a safe place to bring our raw heartbreak so we can align it with the refuge found in God's Word. Every page wipes a tear, holds a hand, and gives a real embrace to anyone searching for relief in the midst of their deep sorrow, suffering, or grief.' -- Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries--Lysa TerKeurst

Commendation Quotes:
'This book is full of beauty and truth from God's Word that are sure to be a balm for any hurting heart. So grateful for the authentic voices and stories here that give space for both grief and hope. A wonderful gift to anyone you know who is walking through a season of suffering.' -- Ellie Holcomb, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter--Ellie Holcomb

Commendation Quotes:
'The very existence of this book bears witness that the Gospel is true. With the turn of each page you will find evidence of God's comfort in the stories and in His Scripture. What a kind and generous gift The Book of Comforts is to an aching world.' -- Raechel Myers, CEO of She Reads Truth--Raechel Myers

Commendation Quotes:
'When I'm sitting deep in my sorrow, human words seem to bounce right off my heart. Tucked inside this beautiful book are words of a different sort--truths from the God who knows grief because He experienced it too. Where our words fall flat, God's Word gives hope.' -- Amanda Bible Williams, co-founder and chief content officer of She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth--Amanda Bible Williams

Commendation Quotes:
'As a pastor, I often search for just the right book to help point the hurting or grieving toward the beauty, goodness, and truth of Gospel comfort. During the past year, a time of deep loss for my own family, I've needed such a book for myself. I am so grateful that I've found it. You're holding it in your hands. I urge you to buy it, to read it, and to pass it on (2 Corinthians 1:3--4). This is indeed a delightful book of comforts.' -- George Grant, author and pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church--George Grant

Commendation Quotes:
'I've walked through seasons of loss and longed for a book like this--one that's full of comfort and compassion, hope and encouragement, beauty and gentle strength. This is more than just a collection of pages; it's a place any hurting heart can go to as a refuge in life's hardest moments. I plan to return to it again and again.' -- Holley Gerth, bestselling author of What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days--Holley Gerth

Commendation Quotes:
'In our damaged and disconnected world where things like loneliness, confusion, anxiety, and hopelessness seem on the rise even (and especially) in the most 'comfortable' surroundings, The Book of Comforts is a gift for all who are weary. It is filled with comforting images, Scripture, and thoughtful reflection, and the authors have done a masterful job not only telling us about the One Scripture calls 'the God of all comfort, ' but also by showing us what His comforts look like, and where we can find them. I pray this book will help you find your rest in Jesus. It has certainly done this for me.' -- Scott Sauls, author of Befriend and Irresistible Faith.--Scott Saul

Commendation Quotes:
'No one has a simple story, and everyone does something with their pain. This book is a beautiful, helpful guide for walking through our pain with hope anchored in God's Word. Spend time with these words and images, and I believe you will find comfort.' -- Russ Ramsey, author of Struck: One Christian's Reflections on Encountering Death.--Russ Ramsey

Commendation Quotes:
'The place of grief can be one of the loneliest and most isolating places of all, yet none of us is exempt from it. This beautiful book invites us in to real stories of hardship and pain, yet also shows us that the comfort of God is more than an idea; it can be tangible in each of our lives. I feel as though this book is a perfect picture of 2 Corinthians 1:3--5, displaying 'the Father of compassion and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble.' And I believe that's exactly what this book will do--it will be a gift to many heavy hearts and weary minds.' -- Natalie Grant, Singer/Songwriter--Natalie Grant



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