"The Brides of the Big Valley" by Wanda E., Jean, and Richelle Brunstetter

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3 Romances from a Unique Pennsylvania Amish Community


Love comes to a uniquely blended Amish community.

In an area of Pennsylvania called The Big Valley, a uniquely blended Amish community thrives in which 3 distinct groups of Amish identify themselves by the colors of their buggy’s top—white, black, or yellow. Join New York Times Bestselling Author Wanda E. Brunstetter, her daughter-in-law, and granddaughter in experiencing the stories of three young women who search for faith and love within this special place.

"Deanna's Determination" by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Deanna Speicher belongs to the very plain, white-top buggy community, known as the Nebraska Amish. Deanna's husband died, leaving her and her six-year-old son. Could a love once buried resurface to bring joy to a mother and child, or will time and tradgedy get in the way?

"Rose Mary's Resolve" by Jean Brunstetter

Rose Mary Renno belongs to a conservative black top community and is being courted by Tom Yoder, who wants to leave the Amish faith. Rose Mary can't imagine leaving the life she knows--but then she meets an English pilot who befriends her. Suddenly she is faced with choosing the path of her faith or her heart.

"Leila's Longing" by Richelle Brunstetter

Leila Fisher is a young Amish woman from the yellow top buggy community who is burdened with family responsibilities and wondering when she will ever start a family of her own. But when she meets someone from the black top community, could she ever consider crossing the invisible line drawn between faiths to find love?