The Great Doctrines of the Bible

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The Great Doctrines of the Bible - William Evans - 9780802430960


Dr. William Evans draws upon his extensive education and priceless years of experience as a pastor, preacher, and Bible teacher for the preparation of The Great Doctrines of the Bible. Included in this classic, best-selling work on biblical doctrine are chapters on:

  • The Existence of God
  • The Nature of God
  • The Humanity of Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Second Coming of Christ
  • The Membership, Ordinances, and Vocation of the Church
  • The Nature, Fall, and Work of Angels
  • The Existence, Personality, and Character of Satan

This is a well-organized, clearly outlined, and comprehensive examination of the major doctrines of the Christian faith. It provides a strong foundation and framework and an open door to essentials truths for every child of God. The Great Doctrines of the Bible is a valuable guide for both students and teachers of God’s Word.