The Letters of James and Peter: Daily Bible Study, Wm Barclay 9780664226787

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The Letters of James and Peter: The New Daily Study Bible is written by William Barclay. This book is a publication of the Westminster John Knox Press. #9780664226787


Through located in the back part of the New Testament Canon, these letters are nonetheless vitally important. The Letter of James struggled long to be accepted, and Barclay examines the questions of its authorship and dating along with a discussion of its content on personal ethics. Barclay places The First Letter of Peter within its context as a “catholic” or “general” epistle, gives background into its authorship and audience, and delves into its many theological contributions to topics like the role of women. The Second Letter of Peter is primarily a denunciation of heretics and false teachers. As with all of his writings, Barclay combines both his charm of style and his thoroughgoing scholarship in this volume.

For almost fifty years and for millions of readers, The Daily Study Bible commentaries have been the ideal help for both devotional and serious Bible study. Now, with the release of The New Daily Study Bible, a new generation will appreciate the wisdom of William Barclay. With clarification of less familiar illustrations and inclusion of more contemporary language, The New Daily Study Bible will continue to help individuals and groups discover what the message of the New Testament really means for their lives.

Professor William Barclay (1907-1978) was a world-renowned New Testament interpreter and Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at Glasgow University in Scotland. Having written more than fifty books, he is probably best known as the author of the seventeen New Testament volumes in The Daily Study Bible Series.

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