The Miracle of the Oil

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The Miracle of the Oil - Joshua Mills - 9781641239189

This beautiful hardcover book describes the miraculous power of God’s anointing—represented by oil—flowing through the life of the believer.

The Miracle of the Oil presents historical and contemporary testimonies of supernatural impartations, including the phenomenon of the oil used in the original Hanukkah menorah and what it signifies for us today.

Receive the revelation of the anointing oil recipe that God gave to Moses as you learn about each ingredient and what it prophetically signifies in your life:

• liquid myrrh
• sweet-scented cinnamon
• fragrant cane
• cassia
• olive oil

Through this book, you will enter more deeply into the realm of God’s anointing, where you will discover intimacy, healing, unity, purity, wisdom, and many other spiritual blessings. As you explore ancient truths, you will receive a fresh impartation of God’s unlimited power and a new appreciation for the precious oil of His Spirit. Prepare for 
The Miracle of the Oil to pour forth and overflow in your life.

Includes original illustrations of the anointing oil ingredients.