Unraveling Gender: The Battle Over Sexual Difference

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Unraveling Gender: The Battle Over Sexual Difference - John S. Grabowski - 2891


Where did all this gender confusion start?
Want to fight back against perverse ideologies but don’t know where to start?
…and what exactly does the Church teach on human sexuality?


Unraveling Gender teaches you how to be a part of the Church’s effort to fight harmful gender ideology and to promote God’s designed order for human sexuality. In this book, learn from a master on these sensitive topics as Dr. Grabowski thoroughly explains topics such as:

  • The philosophic roots of gender ideology
  • The dangers of the modern cultural revolutions
  • The origin and dangers of Gnosticism
  • The Church’s teachings on the gift of sexual difference
  • How to fight against dangerous gender ideologies

With the insights that Unraveling Gender offers, you will be able to confidently and faithfully defend the Church’s teachings on the gift of human sexuality. This book is an informative introduction to the chaos in modern culture and the beauty of the Church’s teachings.


Dr. Grabowski explains where gender ideology comes from and identifies its sources, citing modern troubles like poisonous secularism, the aftermath of the sexual revolution, and the ever-expanding reach of technology.


“While gender ideology has multiple origins, some from long ago, its impact today has accelerated because of large cultural shifts. Ultimately, gender ideology is best understood as a modern expression of Gnosticism, the ancient heresy that opposes Christian conceptions of creation, the Incarnation, the body, and sexual difference.” (Page 10)


In the end, Unraveling Gender shows that what might seem like a new fad is actually one of the oldest heresies in the Church’s history. Not only that, but the ideology is one which is best refuted by the enduring beauty and clarity of the Church’s teachings about the body and the gift of sexuality.