Washable Fitted Altar Cloth Olive Branch Cross-SL9MCX


Washable Fitted Altar Cloth with Olive Branch and Crosses design-SL9MCX FREE SHIPPING 6 Liturgical Colors & Matching Lectern Hanging available

Washable Fitted Altar Cloth with Olive Branch and Crosses design-SL9MCX  Altar Cloth design includes Olive Branches* at the center with a Greek Cross* above and a Greek Cross on both sides of the front drop

Washable fabric is 100% polyester.

Contemporary and traditional designs are available on White, Rose, Blue, Saram Blue, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Purple, Violet, Gold, Red and Off White fabric. Please specify color in Comments area when ordering.

Hemming charge is included in the price of your selection.
Please choose Option according to the size of your Washable Fitted Altar Cloth:

An additional charge will be added for a fitted backdrop as reflected in Options

Maximum width of altar is 48”  Front drop is a minimum of 10”.
If side drop exceeds 16” there is an additional charge as reflected in the Options.

Please supply complete measurements when ordering. Use the illustration provided as a guide. Include your measurements in the comments section of your order or call us for assistance.

A = Actual Width of Mensa Required
B = Front Drop of Altar Cloth Required
C = Actual Length of Mensa Top Required
D = Side Drops of Altar Cloth Required
E = Backdrop of Altar Cloth, if desired

Any cut outs will be charged on a best effort basis for the time taken to perform them.

Matching Lectern Hanging is available in sizes 20” wide and 40” long - see below

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Washable Fitted Altar Cloth with Olive Branch and Crosses design-SL9MCX

*Olive Branch symbol:  The Olive Branch is a symbol of peace and also a symbol of deliverance from anxiety as in the dove that returned to Noah's Ark holding an olive branch in its beak, a sign of hope.  So, it can be said to symbolize deliverance from the anxieties and hardships of this life and the peaceful life with God in the world to come.

*Greek Cross:  The Greek Cross has four arms of equal lenth and has been used for centuries in Christian Art.  The Red Cross organization has used this form of the cross in red to identify their organization.