"Walk in Her Sandals" by 10 Catholic Women Writers

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Experiencing Christ's Passion through the Eyes of Women


Walk in Her Sandals, edited by popular Catholic author and speaker Kelly M. Wahlquist—founder of WINE: Women in the New Evangelization—takes you deeper into your relationship with Jesus by helping you relate to him in a profoundly intimate way. Looking at six universal gifts of women—receptive, sensitivity, generosity, prayer, maternity, and the Holy Spirit—through the eyes of women in the gospels, the book guides you on a prayerful and creative journey through the days of Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost.

Ten leading Catholic women writers

  • Kelly Wahlquist
  • Sarah Christmyer
  • Stephanie Landsem
  • Pat Gohn
  • Lisa M. Hendey
  • Teresa Tomeo
  • Laura Sobiech
  • Kitty Cleveland
  • Barbara Heil
  • Carol Younger

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