Weekday Lectionaries, Chapel Ed., Set of 3, #41/S, Catholic Book Co

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The set of 3 Weekday Lectionaries, Chapel Ed. #41/S, is published by the Catholic Book Publishing Company. It consists of Vol.II Weekday Mass Yr 1; Vol. III: Weekday Mass Yr. II; & Vol. IV: Ritual, Various Needs/Occasions, & Votive Masses.


The Weekday Lectionaries, Chapel Edition #41/S, published by the Catholic Book Publishing Company, consist of three volumes. Volume II in green is the Weekday Mass Year I. Volume III in burgundy is for the Weekday Mass Year II. Volume IV in brown is for Ritual Masses, Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, and Votive Masses. They are printed in two colors.

The Editions of the new 3-Volume Weekday Lectionary have been carefully arranged to make it the most pastoral, practicable, and functional Weekday Lectionary possible. Upon examination every celebrant and lector will agree that these books are the most usable as well as completely dignified, liturgically accurate, magnificently printed, and beautifully bound books for their use at the Lectern.

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