"Why Her?" by Nicki Koziarz

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6 Truths We Need to Hear When Measuring Up Leaves Us Falling Behind


If success is defined in the eye of the beholder, who are you letting behold your success?

Nicki Koziarz is confronting the comparison question: Why her?

Through two striving sisters in the Bible, Nicki uncovered six truths’ we need to hear when trying to measure up leaves you falling behind.

These six truths will help you:

· Stop staring at her success and find satisfaction in yours.

· Find contentment with your life without being complacent in who you are becoming.

· Gain godly wisdom to answer the Why Her silent question of your soul.

Someone will always be ahead. But that doesn’t mean you’re behind. Because Truth, like always, will set us free. And free women don’t have to measure up to anybody. Not even her.

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