Willow Tree® Abundance Ornament 4"H


This Willow Tree® Abundance Ornament is a girl holding a bouquet of roses

This Willow Tree® Abundance Ornament, "So much love! " 4" 27575 is a girl holding a bouquet of roses 4" 27575

“Willow Tree by Susan Lordi is not necessarily a likeness; it's a reminder of someone we want to keep close, or a memory that we want to touch. I hope that people recognize subtle expressions or gestures of those they love, and select pieces that are uniquely meaningful for them.”

  • Name: Abundance Ornament
  • Materials: resin
  • Measurements: 4"h
  • Interior packaging: recyclable paper pulp
  • Hanger style: cording
  • Sentiment: So much love!

Abundance Ornament

So much love!

"I wanted the bouquet of roses to be overflowing—more than enough—to express abundant feelings for someone, or the abundant goodness a person shares with others. Sometimes it's nice to give a gift to let someone know that they are a gift in your life."   - Artist Susan Lordi