Willow Tree® Christmas: Starlight Tree Topper


A large figurine of an angel holding a large gold filigree circle.

This Willow Tree Christmas Tree Topper Starlight is a large figurine of a angel holding a large gold circle like ornament 27277

Susan Lordi's challenge is to honestly sculpt her feelings into a tangible form that will touch a universal chord and be meaningful to others

  • Materials: resin, metal
  • Measurements: 12"h

Starlight Tree Topper

Radiating warmth, light and love

"Christmas is all about giving... so I wanted this Tree Topper to give a presence of light. A star is such a strong Christmas symbol... perhaps that's why it has traditionally graced the top of the tree. Since the sun is also a star, I designed the Starlight Tree Topper with a sun-like shape... the sun, by its very nature, radiates warmth, energy and light. It draws us in; it brings us together."

The 12" Tree Topper holds a delicate, pierced metal star encrusted with glitter that catches the light and sparkles at every angle. The inside of the figure is hollow to accommodate the top branch of the tree. She can also stand as a figure—a warm invitation to gather and celebrate the holiday.