Willow Tree® Abundance Figurine, 5.5"

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Abundance: So Much Love! A figurine of a young girl holding a huge bouquet of roses


Willow Tree Figurine, Abundance: So Much Love! 5.5 "High 27181. This is a figurine of a young girl holding a huge bouquet of roses, Abundance

This is in the Mothers Collection of Willow Tree Figurines, the core theme of Willow Tree is the expression of humanity, interesting and relevant in people's lives while offering a symbol or marking a memory. 5.5"H 27181

“I think that a rose is one of the most beautiful natural objects that we can – carefully – hold in our hands. We enjoy the intoxicating scent, the silk-velvet touch, the perfect form. They unfold and give forth their fragrance; they’re intimate and draw you in…


“So this piece could be a gift to a mother or friend or Valentine, or someone you’re wishing well. Sometimes it’s nice to give a gift to let someone know that they are a gift in your life.


“I wanted the bouquet to be overflowing – more than enough – to express abundant feelings for someone, or the abundant goodness a person shares with others.”

Susan Lordi









Family Groupings

Groupings of two or more figures positioned to appear to be interacting, like families do. Select pieces that reflect your relationships.


“It's the little things that we pick up on, the small gestures that are unique to each person. That's what we see in those we love.”