Willow Tree® Our Gift Figurine, 8.5"

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Our bright joyful gift! A figurine of a mother and father holding their small baby.


Willow Tree Figurine, Our Gift, Our bright joyful gift! This is a figurine of a mother and father holding their small baby

This figurine is in the Mother or Family Collection of Willow Tree Figurines, the core theme of Willow Tree is the expression of humanity, interesting and relevant in people's lives while offering a symbol or marking a memory, 8.5"H 26181

“I remember when we brought our first-born home, and walked into our house. I had an overwhelming sense of fulfillment — it seemed like our whole house was warm and full of light. When you bring a new baby home, all of a sudden you understand the excitement of being a family — this, now, is your family. It’s the start of something wonderful and new, and that, in and of itself, is a joyful gift.”  Susan Lordi

Willow Tree Figurine, Our Gift,  8.5"H 26181

Our bright joyful gift!


Willow Tree Figure, Our Gift,  8.5"H 26181

Family Groupings

Groupings of two or more figures positioned to appear to be interacting, like families do. Select pieces that reflect your relationships.


“It's the little things that we pick up on, the small gestures that are unique to each person. That's what we see in those we love.”