Willow Tree® The Quilt Figurine, 5.5"

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Sleep my child and peace, figure of a mother rocking a baby wrapped in a quilt, FREE SHIPPING WITH $100. ORDERS


Willow Tree Figurine, The Quilt: Sleep my child and peace... peace... Covered in love and keep... keep...  5.5" High 26250. This is a Willow Tree figure of a mother rocking a baby wrapped in a quilt, 26250

This figurine is in the Mothers Collection of Willow Tree Figurines, the core theme of Willow Tree is the expression of humanity, interesting and relevant in people's lives while offering a symbol or marking a memory, 5.5"H 26250

“I was thinking about metaphors of quilts. A lot about protection. A quilt makes us feel safe and warm. The rows of even stitching showing the passing of time, a meditative rhythm — like quieting and rocking a child. It takes time and patience. I wanted the quilt and the rocking to be one. The sentiment reveals this rhythm also — lullabies don’t have to make literal sense ... but the cadence of the words is lyrical and soothing. The warmth and coziness of a sleeping child — the tender connection — these quiet memories exist in anyone who has ever rocked a child in their arms.”  Susan Lordi


Family Groupings

Groupings of two or more figures positioned to appear to be interacting, like families do. Select pieces that reflect your relationships.


“It's the little things that we pick up on, the small gestures that are unique to each person. That's what we see in those we love.”