Winks from Scripture: Understanding God’s Subtle Work Among Us

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Winks from Scripture: Understanding God’s Subtle Work Among Us - Chris Palmer - 9781641238465

Where’s God when times are hard? He’s winking to let us know He’s with us!
Life is mysterious and cryptic. It defies explanation, especially in times of suffering and distress. We wonder, 
Where is God in all of this?
He’s with us—and the Scriptures wink to show us His redemptive activity unfolding in our lives.
Winks from Scripture, Chris Palmer takes you through familiar New Testament stories and points out unfamiliar features that have the effect of a punchline. When the Scriptures wink, you’ll be surprised, delighted, and challenged not to give up hope.
“Biblical stories are 
loaded with mystery,” Chris says. “That mystery keeps us asking questions about the story’s details. In doing so, little ironies and nuances emerge that we hadn’t seen before. This is God winking at us, letting us know He’s there, guiding our lives.”
Winks from Scripture, you will:
            • Come to embrace mystery
            • Learn how to appreciate uncertainty and integrate it into a vibrant life of faith
            • Discover how God triumphs over suffering
            • Observe how the New Testament writers understood the Old Testament through Jesus
            • Renew your hope in God’s beautiful plan of creation and redemption
Guided by careful scholarship and heartfelt, pastoral reflection, these thirty studies offer a fresh perspective to the most difficult questions of the Christian faith, certain to bring comfort to your soul.