New American Bible (Catholic)

After years of scholarly labor and review, the New American Bible: Revised Edition (NABRE) is the first major update to the NAB text in 20 years. Reflecting the work of nearly 100 scholars and extensively reviewed and approved by the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops), the New American Bible takes into account the best current scholarship, as well the discovery of new ancient manuscripts that improve our knowledge and understanding of the biblical text.

The New American Bible was a Catholic translation of the Bible from the Original Languages with critical use of all the ancient sources and produced by members of the Catholic Biblical Association of American under the patronage of the Bishops' Committee of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. The translators carried out the directive of Pope Pius XII and the decree of the Second Vatican Council which prescribed that "up-to-date and appropriate translations be made in the various languages, by preference from the original texts of the sacred books", and that "with the approval of Church authority, these translations may be produced in cooperation with our separated brethren" so that "all Christians may be able to use them".

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Break Through! The Bible for Young Catholics is a visual Bible for a visual generation. QUANTITY PRICING Free Shipping on $100. orders
A visual Bible for a visual generation. QUANTITY PRICING Free Shipping on $100. orders
First Communion Bible NAB from World Catholic Press is uniquely American and is a popular translation that is the easiest to understand Catholic edition of the Bible
The Illustrated and Annotated New Testament for Catholics contains the complete text of the New Testament from the New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE), ideal for devotional reading and study.
Valuable information in the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible is offered in small notes and inserts that accompany the Bible texts as well as in expanded essays, articles, and graphics in the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible.
NAB My Daily Catholic Bible 9781592761449 offer a plan to read the entire Catholic Bible in one year
This is the newest edition of The Catholic Youth Bible which contains the new translation of the Old Testament and the new Roman Missal changes. QUANTITY PRICING
The Catholic Youth Bible will be a true companion, helping you find the answers you seek and helping you make connections to Catholic beliefs and traditions.
NABRE Deluxe Gift Bible W2406-I Indexed Black Bonded Leather-9780529059994 from Catholic Book Company
NABRE Deluxe Gift Bible W2406BG-I Indexed Burgundy Bonded Leather-9780529061607 from Catholic Book Company
NABRE Deluxe Gift Bible W2406 Black Bonded Leather-9780529057525 from Catholic Book Company
This affordable, colorful Bible for Catholic high school and college-level students includes book introductions, cross-references, and notes and explanations.
This affordable Bible is perfect for you no matter class level you are in high school or college.
NABRE Deluxe Student Edition Bible from Catholic Book Publishing WDSE2408-I Indexed Paperback-9780529109989
NABRE Noah's Ark Children's Bible WARK2402 hardcover-9780529109958 from Catholic Book Publishing
NABRE Student Edition Bible W2403 Paperback Red-9780529060891 from Catholic Book Publishing

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