Sports Rosaries

Sports Rosaries are available in a number of favorite sports. It encourages young people to pray and is a great teaching tool. Hanging a Sport Rosary at the bedside is a constant symbol and reminder of faith.

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For Athletes, St. Sebastian One Decade Rosary has green/blue iridescent beads and a silver rose connecting to a medal of St. Sebastian, 4" in length, 08022SEB
Baseball Black Glass Rosary 64-60965/BK/BSBL, Sports Rosary
Baseball Decade Auto Rosary - ARB hangs approx. 8"
12" Baseball One Decade Rosary Keychain RDB Baseball Rosary Keychain
Baseball Rosary Loop 7-1/2" Long, LDB. This is a decade rosary on a black cord with plastic baseballs for beads LDB
22” Baseball Rosary
Basketball Black Glass Rosary 64-60965/BK/BSKT, Sports Rosary
Basketball One Decade Auto Rosary ARBK Basketball Auto Rosary hangs approx. 8"

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