Choir Robe V-Neck 478-TS997

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Choir Robe V-Neck 478-TS997 V-Neck Choir Robe


Choir Robe V-Neck 478-TS997 is an easy-care 100% permanent press polyester V-Neck choir robe.

V-Neck Choir Robe is fluted on the shoulders and back yoke and has a 36” YKK zipper front. V-Neck Choir Robe has lined sleeves for comfortable wear.

V-Neck Choir Robe comes in Sizes:

  • Small Long     with 33" Sleeve  and 53" Length
  • Medium Short with 33" Sleeve  and 55" Length
  • Medium Long with 34" Sleeve  and 57" Length
  • Large Short    with 34" Sleeve  and 59" Length

Choir Robe is available in:

  • Ivory
  • Burgundy
  • Blue
  • Black

Please specify size and color when ordering V-Neck Choir Robe

Coordinating Pleated Choir Stole #TS996 is available in matching colors.

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Choir Robe V-Neck 478-TS997 V-Neck Choir Robe