St. Anthony Sterling Silver Medal, 3/4", S3575/18SS

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St. Anthony Medal, 3/4" on a Sterling Silver 18" Chain


Sterling Silver St. Anthony Medal, 3/4" on a Sterling Silver 18" Chain, S3575/18SS. This fancy shield shaped medal of St. Anthony holding the child Jesus is intricately hand carved in much detail. The back of the sterling silver St. Anthony medal is hand engraved with the words Saint Anthony Pray for Us.

Read the stories of St. Anthony of Padua:  of St. Anthony's humility, of St. Anthony's teaching the fish!, of St. Anthony's great preaching to the people, of St. Anthony's kindness.

St. Anthony is asked to intercede with God for the return of things lost or stolen.  Those who feel very familiar with him may pray, "St. Anthony, St. Anthony, look around.  Something has been lost and cannot be found."

St. Anthony Sterling Silver Fancy Medal 3/4" on an 18" Sterling Silver Chain S3575/18S.  A very ornate St. Anthony medal in the shape of a badge with tin cuts and detailed scroll work.

This sterling silver St. Anthony Medal necklace comes to you in a blue velour clam shell jewelry box.